5 Step Business Start™ – The Smart Way To Start Your Business

5 Step Business Start

The 5 Step Business Start™, the smart way to start your business, guides you through the logical steps to start your business. Designed by business consultants whose combined experience has assisted hundreds of small business start ups, 5 Step Business Start™ provides these advantages:

  • Guides you from business idea to business launch
  • What to do, in what order, and how to do it
  • Practical/realistic approach avoids costly mistakes
  • Case example that gets you started
  • Easy to use Business Start Up Templates

The 5 Step Business Start™ System includes:

  1. 5 Step Business Start Introduction
  2. Step 1 – Define It
  3. Step 2 – Research It
  4. Step 3 – Plan It
  5. Step 4 – Stage It
  6. Step 5 – Start It
  7. Business Creation Templates
  8. Financial Projection Worksheets
  9. Business Start Up Software (sold separately)

How to Use 5 Step Business Start™

Getting started with 5 Step Business Start™ is simple…

  • Read modules one at a time in sequence. (Define It, Research It, Plan It, Stage It, Start It)
  • After completing module, use the specific Business Creation Template that accompanies that module.
  • Complete the Business Creation Template for the module using information for your own business. Refer back to case study examples and explanations in the module to assist you.
  • Once you have completed all 5 modules you are ready for business!


Get all the details about how you can get started with 5 Step Business Start™ here

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