Author: Earl Boyd

Understanding Gross Profit Margin

Understanding Gross Profit Margin Importance of Gross Profit Margin Earl Boyd teaches you how to calculate your ‘Gross Profit Margin’ and what it means to your business. According to Jay Ebben, PH.D., one vital aspect that I often see entrepreneurs overlook in starting and managing a business is that of gross profit margin. Gross margin Read More …

Why Businesses Fail

Why Businesses Fail In this short video, Earl Boyd outlines the 5 primary reasons that startup businesses fail.   How About A Free Look Inside? Enter Your Information Below For Free Look Inside 5 Step Business Start as our gift! Let us know where to send your copy below… Download Now

A Business Plan Anyone Can Do

A Business Plan Anyone Can Do “A Business Plan Anyone Can Do – Easy To Follow Steps” So you want to start your own business? Write a business plan – that’s what you’ve probably heard or read, right? The problem with this advice is that if you’re just starting your first business, you don’t have Read More …