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step-to-business-successIf you are thinking about starting your own business you’ve come to the right place. Our website is dedicated to business start up tips, tools and resources. Our goal is to help you to create your business quickly by providing you with tools and resources that will make the process less challenging.

Our team of business owners and consultants has amassed over 35 years of combined experience with business start-ups, business planning, and business finance. With all this experience be assured we have made our share of mistakes along the way.

Starting a business can be a rewarding and satisfying experience and at the same time a journey full of challenges. It is our intent to help you avoid the heartache, as much as possible, as you pursue your business goals and share with you a proven blueprint for business start-up success.

At the end of the day what you want is practical business advice with clear, step-by-step examples of what it takes to get your business started and ultimately make a profit.

Our experience has shown us that somewhere between the business idea and the implementation, people get lost. Most of the time this is because along the way, the new business owner’s focus shifts from what we have identified as the 5 Step Business Start™; to things which while they may be important, generally have nothing to do with getting your business up and running.

Moreover, we have found that the business planning terms like – Business Plan, Financial Plan, ProForma, Spreadsheet, and Executive Summary – quite frankly, scare folks.

5 Step Business Start™ simplifies everything:

  1. Define It
  2. Research It
  3. Plan It
  4. Stage It
  5. Start It

If you focus your efforts on these 5 business principles, you guarantee your success.


When one of the collaborators of 5 Step BUSINESS START™ and I started our first business it was a total disaster. We did not have any idea about how to start a business. the result was, we lost money, severely damaged our credit, and suffered many setbacks.

We were caught totally off-guard by the “start your own businesses” journey. Thankfully, through trial-and-error, we overcame our frustrating beginning and went on to enjoy the rewards of owning and operating a successful business. We have since gone on to assist scores of individuals in starting and expanding their businesses. When providing that assistance we are guided by one important premise from the lessons we learned from our own experience starting a business–that premise being, “if I could do it all over again, what would I want someone to tell me?” With that thought in mind we have developed 5 STEP BUSINESS START™, The smart way to start your business.

5 STEP BUSINESS START™ is a practical, realistic, step-by-step process for starting a business that also familiarizes you with the fundamentals of operating a business. Practical, realistic, grounded in the fundamentals, and a true reflection of what actually happens in the market place are the themes behind 5 STEP BUSINESS START™ and all other products and services we provide to our customers.

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Business guidance based on these themes would have made a huge difference for us when we started our first business and we are committed to providing that difference for you!

Our down to earth approach to designing products and services meets people where they are. For example, conventional wisdom suggests in order to start a business you must have the classic business plan. In a sense this is true, however, in and of itself, a business plan is not a magical document which upon its completion suddenly results in a functioning business.

From our experience working with people starting businesses, most are not comfortable with writing a business plan and get intimidated by the thought. We believe it is more important for a prospective business owner to know the process for starting a business, understanding what to do, when to do it, and how. Planning is a part of the process; however, we provide our customers a method of doing so that is compatible with what works for them.

Our experience has also taught us that whether you are a high-level manager in a large business or laborer on the assembly line; a college or high school graduate; male or female; starting a business is the great equalizer. If you have not done it before the learning curve is about the same for everyone. Consequently, we do not make judgment on who is capable of operating a business and who is not based on that criterion. We are enthused to serve anyone that has the desire and commitment to be successful in business.

We are committed to providing you quality products and services; responsive customer service; and exceptional value. As our customer we want you to experience our philosophy and approach. If ever you do not, please tell us.

We welcome you to our company but more importantly, we are striving to be invited and welcomed as your service provider for business success!

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