How To Finish Your Business Plan In One Day

Having Trouble Writing Your Business Plan?

Writing a business plan is one of the hardest tasks faced by most entrepreneurs. The reasons vary, but inside this short video, business plan expert Dave Lavinsky reveals how to quickly write a business plan and the 4 key question you must include in it.

The truth is that most people can't finish their business plan for the following reasons:

  1. No time
  2. Don't know what to write
  3. Don't know how to write the financials

Watch the video below for tips on how to write your simple business plan...

Here are some key points raised in the video.

It's important to know what to include in your business plan and what not to include. The 4 things that must be included in every business plan (which are covered in 5 Step Business Start®) are:

  1. One line company description (Define It)
  2. Financial model (Plan It)
  3. Risk mitigating milestones (Stage It)
  4. Why are you uniquely qualified to succeed? (Define It)

Most business plans don't even include this critical information.

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