The Challenges, Purpose And Importance Of Writing A Formal Business Plan

The Challenges, Purpose And Importance Of Writing A Formal Business Plan

One of the biggest challenges of writing a business plan is simply getting on with it. As you mull over your plan in your mind, you may get conflicting advice from various people. Some will tell you to just go ahead and write whatever you have on your mind just to get something on paper. Others may tell you to take preparatory steps, prepare yourself, do some research before even beginning a your plan. Who is right? What is the best way to plan for starting your own business? In this article we will discuss this challenge and many others. We will also explain the purpose and importance of writing a solid plan. Read on to learn more.

Your Business Plan - Road Map To Success

A good plan acts as a guide along the way as you move forward in preparing for and establishing your business. While you may want to jot down ideas and brainstorm with yourself at the outset as a part of the process of preparing yourself, your finances and your other resources, you cannot really think of these brainstorming notes as your plan. They are part of the process, but your established plan should be a cohesive, logical, practical document that really explains exactly how you will proceed in setting up your business and making it a success. A well thought out, properly prepared plan will help you get better financing for your business. It will also act as a solid blueprint for you to follow.

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Business studies have shown that entrepreneurs who start out with a solid, practical plan see quicker development in their businesses. They are better able to establish relationships with suppliers, and they usually begin making sales and turning a profit much more quickly than entrepreneurs who just jump in and give it a go. Furthermore, they are more likely to successfully develop their products and services and far less likely to fail. It may be that people who plan better are generally more likely to succeed. Additionally, entrepreneurs who have a solid plan in place probably interact with more confidence when engaging financiers, suppliers and other important support people and services.

If you are a stickler for detail, you may find yourself faced with criticism by people who will try to convince you that writing a business plan will not increase the financial performance of your company, but don't be fooled. True, the sketchy plans and notes you make early on may not directly affect your sales, but they will help you with your thought processes and your development of ideas. Your full-blown, formal plan will help you stay on course so that you do not waste money and resources on false starts and trial and error.

There are many ways a good plan can benefit your business.

  1. When you are writing a plan you have to explore your ideas about how your business will be structured and how it will work.
  2. Solid thinking and planning will help you identify areas in which your thinking may be faulty. It's better to make adjustments in the thinking phase than in the building phase.
  3. Learning by doing has its positive points; however, when you are starting a business, making mistakes and correcting them is not only costly, it can ruin your reputation.

Keeping good, written records is always smart. When you brainstorm with yourself and/or your colleagues, you may generate hundreds or even thousands of excellent ideas. If you don't write them down, work with them and organize them, you are very likely to forget them. You may come up with lots of ideas that will work later on but not now. Don't trust your mind to hold onto everything. Write down your ideas and concepts and sort them into appropriate groups to be used as you need them. They are a genuine resource.


When you create a firm plan for your business and thoroughly detail and explore all of your alternatives, you will be able to make better choices. When you are mulling over suppliers, financing, products, insurance policies and other details that will need your attention, it can be hard to make firm comparisons. When you put serious work into a strong plan for your business, you will explore all of these concepts side by side. You will be amazed by how much easier it is to make choices when you can actually see the facts laid out before you.

Everybody knows that whenever you are working on your dreams, there is no shortage of nay-sayers and critics. A business plan that is well-crafted will supply you with ready answers when your friends, enemies, relations, co-workers and others begin to question you and find fault with your optimism. You will feel more focused, strong and solid in your ambitions with a focused, strong, solid business plan in place.


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