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Our mission is to help you start a business so you can change the world.

We’re not interested in business theory or jargon, but in helping folks with drive, ambition and the dream of opening their own business succeed.

Working with a group of veteran business owners and entrepreneurs we created a system that does just that. It’s called – 5 Step Business Start®.

Earl Boyd, the principal of The Prime Group, a strategic planning and marketing services firm joined the 5 Step Business Start® in June 2014 as Director of Entrepreneur Development. Earl brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the team. It’s been hard work, but we are proud of what we’ve created because it changes lives.

5 Step Business Start® is a  business planning system that shows small business owners what to do, when to do it and how to perform the fundamental tasks to start a business. Moreover, the step-by-step simplicity of the information leads our students to successfully launch their businesses. 

Startup small businesses owners learn how to overcome the two primary issues that cause them the most problems when getting started: coming up with a business plan and doing the wrong things first.

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