Are You Ready To Realize Your Dream Of Business Ownership?

For over a decade, Entrepreneur Works has helped individuals across the Philadelphia region, start and grow small businesses, create jobs for themselves and their neighbors, and strengthen the local economy. We help aspiring business owners realize their dreams.

Even in these difficult and challenging times, our mission remains to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dream of owning a business.

Like many organizations, our traditional methods of delivering our training courses and lending programs have changed as a result of the pandemic.

And, like many businesses, we’ve made the strategic decision to incorporate technology to continue to provide much-needed training and information resources to our community.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity – Sun Tzu

Economic downturns, although challenging, can provide an opportunity for launching new companies and products.

A look back at history shows us that crises are opportune moments for new ideas, innovations, and systems.

Some of the most famous companies today were launched right after the 2008 economic crisis. Companies like WhatsApp, Uber, Slack, AirBnb, and Groupon, etc., are a few noteworthy examples.

This economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic can feel challenging and terrifying, but the current environment can be an ambitious time for young entrepreneurs to launch the startup of their dreams.

You can realize your dream, and create your own Ripple Effect by joining our community of aspiring business owners.