Doing Business in the New Normal of COVID-19

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Thriving After Covid-19

Doing Business In the New Normal

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A lot of businesses are asking, how is doing business going to change in the new normal?

The fundamentals of doing business are definitely the same it’s just the way that you’re operating and running your day-to-day business has changed.

For example, in the past, we’ve seen networking events happen in person at conferences and now, the new way we’re going to see networking is all of the above but virtually.

I’m very confident that you can mimic that experience and make it just as valuable if not maybe better online because you’re saving people’s time, you’re saving their commute, you’re able to record sessions more easily and so I think there actually are a lot of benefits to networking online for both meeting and event hosts as well as attendees.

Referrals Are Still The Way to Go

Oftentimes small business owners receive new clients via word of mouth referrals. Referrals will never go away but, because we live in a much more virtual and online world you still need those referrals.

And a great way to get those is through soliciting reviews from your existing customers. You will want to capture that positive feedback from customers who you’ve already interacted with; basically, build off of their wonderful experience and amplify what they have to say about your business and your brand to help you gain new customers.

Build Trust. It’s More Important Than Ever

Trust has always been an important component of running a successful business and trust will remain important now more than ever. One way that we can build trust is through business transparency. Not every customer you have is going to be happy all the time. What’s important is that if you or your business did something wrong, you admit to this. It can really help future or prospective customers trust you and want to hire you.

The last six months and this pandemic have forced the world to change at a much more rapid pace than we ever imagined and it’s bringing businesses that we never thought could be or should be online, online. And it’s allowing you to connect with and buy from businesses across the country and world. I think it’s fantastic.

New Normal

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